Have Cake…Need Cake Topper!


Cake toppers are pretty trendy now. I’ve seen really fancy ones made from wood, artistic wire and even handmade characters. They make the cakes look more festive and definitely more personalized. However, they can be on the expensive side. I recently was looking at an etsy page and the prices were not what I expected. I’m in the wrong business!

Today I made a cake and it looked kinda boring on the cake stand. I scrambled through my kitchen junk drawer and decided that I would make my own. It looked cute on the table as the hubs came home and made it a little extra special. See! You don’t need to spend tons of money to have a cake topper. It actually becomes more special if you make it yourself .

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I used scrap paper, twine ($1 @Target), 2 straw ($1 @Target), a pen, glue stick and scissors. This was a fun project! It cost less than a dollar to make…



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