Why is blogging so difficult?!

So I’m giving the website thing another try. I so badly want a space to post recipes and more pictures but man…this bloggin’ thing aint easy. I keep trying to figure out which platform is easier; blogspot or wordpress. It seems like WordPress is the winner since its the most user-friendly. I so wish someone could do this for me but it’ll be worth the learning curve. Hopefully within a few months I will be a Pro, but in the meantime please have patience. Also if you are a blogger, send me some tips please. Yay for blogging, this is so 2017! ha!

On a foodie note, look at all this yummy goodness! We recently tried a new place in Sacramento called Cantina Alley. Its literally IN a alley downtown. Its like you’re stepping into a little Mexican joint. Fully equipped with cactus, Spanish music, wooden mexican furniture, bright colored walls and out of this world tacos. Fish tacos were my favorite along with a house margarita. Can wait to go back. Muy Bueno!



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