Oaktown Spice Shop

I’ve been dreaming of going to this store for almost a year now! I heard about it online and was super excited that it’s not too far away from where we live. Last year we were in the city and this was our final spot to check out. Unfortunately, due to the crazy unpredictable Bay Area traffic (eye roll), I was just 5 minutes too late. They literally closed just a few minutes before we arrived. I was sooo disappointed. Fast forward to last weekend, our anniversary weekend, and we made it! This place is a cook’s dream! Every spice you could think of, they had it. Fresh and ready to customize to your personal blend. The employees were extremely helpful and informative. They showed us the most popular spices as well as gave us recommendations. My husband said I was like a kid in a candy store! I seriously would give them all my money if needed. I chose a few spices to add to my collection. I’ll post a picture of my loot. This little gem will be seeing me quite frequently! For anyone visiting, you can purchase spice jars there or buy the spices in little plastic bags to transfer to your own jars. Also they will customize any

spice mix for you. If you’re looking for a useful and practical gift, they also have gift boxes. This place stole my foodie heart.